Barny Haughton - chef, food educator, teacher

Founding director as Square Food Foundation, Barny’s programme of Masterclasses subsidise Square Food’s community cooking workshops. Barny believes cooking can change your life and that everyone has a place at the table.


  • The Glenfiddich Food and Drink Independent Spirit Award, May 2006*
  • Award for Lifetime Achievement, Bristol Good Food Awards, June 2013*


Food education

Barny has taught food and cookery education since 1998 when he founded Quartier Vert Cookery School. He is now Founder and Head Teacher at Square Food Foundation, The Park in Knowle West, Bristol

Barny teaches at The University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy and is a consultant in sustainable catering systems.

barny haughton

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I love this. I didn't even know you could make pasta! I've made some great stuff here and it's given me bags of confidence. And I don't even think of using [drugs] while I'm doing it or afterwards cos I've got such a buzz - which is amazing cos even though I'm months clean [from drugs/alcohol] I still usually think about them a lot! This makes me even more determined to make something of myself you know? Petra, One25 Charity