Cookery Classes for Adults 

The Foundation Sessions 2018

A new programme of workshops created to help you master key culinary subjects. Each one of these expertly taught in-depth sessions gives you the building blocks to develop your own culinary knowledge with confidence and skill.  

Dinner with Friends 2018

A series of workshops to show you how to create a really delicious three course meal or a colourful table of delights - from fancy French to mad Mexican. Perfect for family or entertaining friends. Vegetarian and vegan alternatives are always included where appropriate. Each dish is also chosen to give you insights into creating many others. 

It was perfect. I didn’t know what to expect – I only came because I got it as a present. It turned out to be one of the best presents ever! I was surprised at how easy it is once someone shows you a few simple recipes. My wife had to do a thorough online search to find a course like this. I will spread the word!