The winner is...


Hot on the heels of Square Food's latest All about Fish Masterclass, the generous and literary crowd at Quadrille Food have given us three spanking new copies of Nathan Outlaw's newest cookbook to give away to Square Food Fans. Titled Nathan Outlaw's Fish Kitchen, it's so new that it's not yet published. But Square Food were offered a lucky sneak preview and boy does it look good. With a foreword from Heston Blumenthal and photography by David Loftus, this is a serious cookbook.

There are over 70 recipes to work your way through, each based around sustainable fish and easy-to-find ingredients. Nathan divides his recipes between cooking techniques - and as such, there are chapters on raw, cured, pickled, smoked, barbecued and more.

With simple instructions and suggestions for the types of fish that are best suited to which cooking method, it's an inspiring, easy-to-follow and above all useful guide to cooking fish. Our favourite recipes include Scallops with hazelnut butter and watercress and a Seafood burger with celeriac and apple salad.

And with all that preamble over and done with, the winners of these beautiful books are:

1. Jon Mason

2. Hilary Long

3. Debbie Cornwell


And if all that talk of fish has left you raring to pick up your filleting knife, then book onto Square Food Foundation's next All about Fish with Barny Haughton on Saturday, 11th October 2014, 10am - 3pm. BOOK HERE