With just hours to go...

Suddenly, it's no longer weeks or even days until the BBC Food & Farming Awards Dinner but a matter of hours. And with every hour that passes, more ingredients arrive in the Square Food Kitchen sent in from finalists and activity becomes more intensely focused. Barny's in there, directing operations, with Stuart of Seth's Kitchen, Freddy (on loan from the Clifton Lido),  Lewis (borrowed from Flinty Red), Square Food stalwart & Kitchen Manager Seb and the fabulous Michelle who adds glamour and calm to the proceedings and keeps the testosterone levels from going stratospheric.

It's not just the professionals. Students from our Kids Simple Suppers class, our Into the Kitchen workshop and our BADSS class for children with Downs Syndrome have been put to work - squeezing limes, lining tins, baking cakes, peeling vegetables and pickling carrots.

We've taste-tested recipes, experimented with our wood-burning oven and washed up hundreds of pots, pans, spoons and plates. And it's starting to take shape. By the end of the day we'll have the cooking complete and just the final touches to add.

And tomorrow, it's time to gather wild flowers and shells (any suggestions?) for table decorations, to collect the ice, roll the tables up Park street and iron our new Square Food aprons. Then as the evening approaches, we'll brief our amazing army of volunteers about the food and the order of play and meet the team of children who've attended our Kids Simple Suppers workshop in the past and have volunteered to come along on the night to serve the guests. We've had some exciting days at Square Food Foundation but this will take some beating.

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