Mostly Plants: A Vegan Cookery Demo & Dinner

MOSTLY PLANTS: a Vegan Cookery Demo and Dinner

Friday 24th February 2017,  7pm - 10.30pm
Spike Island Cafe, 133 Cumberland Road, BS1 6UX

Continuing the collaboration between Spike Island Café and the Square Food Foundation, Barny Haughton presents a vegan cookery demo, followed by a three  course feast.

Barny says, ‘This is definitely not just for vegans. I’m going to show how plantbased food is as delicious and satisfying as traditional meat based dishes’.

The evening will explore the huge diversity, depth of flavour and texture in food which comes from plants - whether the plant itself - how many ways do you know how to make cabbage taste delicious? - or a by-product of a plant - preserved, ground, cured, fermented or even distilled.

‘Eat food, not too much, mostly plants’

Michael Pollan's book In Defense of Food, The Eater's Manifesto contains this now often quoted encouragement to consumers. ‘We’re not suggesting that the only way forward is to be vegan’, continues Barny, ‘though a recent Telegraph report suggests that veganism is the fastest growing lifestyle movement of the last 10 years, particularly for the under 35s.’

‘We hope the food itself will exceed our guests’ culinary expectations and leave them with some for thought too’, Barny concludes.

Barny will be joined by special guest Sue Miller from Miller Green, a vegan
food delivery service. They’ll explore the case for eating less meat, the new found joys of vegan cooking and how people and planet can benefit from eating a more plants and fewer animals. Miller Green’s mission is to create 'vegetable-based dishes for people who love food’.

This collaboration in part of a series creating a conversation around food, cooking and how it impacts everything we do, every day.

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The first demo and dinner, Pasta Making, was a sell out with wonderful feedback: 
“We went to a pasta cookery demo and meal on Friday evening - it was fantastic."
"Lovely demo by the charming Barny Haughton from Square Food Foundation, followed by a delicious meal, washed down with plenty of Italian wine.”
“Really nice crowd. Lots of chat with interesting people. Will be going to more events, both at Spike Island, and Square Food Foundation.”
“The pasta making demo was great! Very nice atmosphere and a great opportunity to watch a chef doing pasta in front of you, with the chance to hear all the tips and secrets. And the meal afterwards was fresh and delicious. It's a must do!” 

The third in the series is Risotto - the mysteries of this simple ingredient
transformed into food of the gods unravelled before your eyes.

For more information, contact Liz Haughton, Spike Island Cafe
07815 774436