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At Square Food, we've been teaching people to cook for nearly 20 years

Square Food Foundation started life in 1998 when Barny taught his first cookery class at his restaurant, Quartier Vert on Whiteladies Road in Bristol. QV Cookery School (as it was then known) quickly gathered pace and popularity and was soon offering a busy programme of classes and courses to people from all walks of life. 

Barny's first students at QV Cookery School

Barny's first students at QV Cookery School

In 2006, the cookery school moved house - to Bordeaux Quay on Bristol's Harbourside. With more space and greater footfall, the cookery school flourished - our programme of masterclasses and courses expanded and we started working with more of Bristol's schools and community groups than ever before.

From day one, we operated on a not-for-profit basis. Our masterclasses and private events subsidised our work with schools and community groups. In June 2011, we made this official and the cookery school was incorporated as a Community Interest Company. 

As a CIC, we pledged to use every penny of profit to make our community workshops as accessible and affordable as they could be. 

How could we make sure that our work would have the greatest impact possible? Move again of course!

This time, we chose a thriving and exciting community centre, called The Park, in the heart of Knowle West, South Bristol. It's here that Square Food has done its best work to date. We've worked with groups of teenagers from local schools to help them get a qualification in Home Cooking. We've worked with groups of care home cooks who are charged with feeding up to 60 elderly and/or disabled people every day.  

We've introduced a Drop-in and Cook club for elderly and/or isolated adults. We've worked with women trapped in sex work and addiction, improving their skill set, their confidence and above all their self-esteem. 

We've continued to deliver our engaging and vibrant programme of masterclasses with workshops like Taste of the Levant, Springtime in Italy and the ever-favourite Breadmaking. 

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