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Vegan Cooking: Joyless & worthy or an exciting culinary adventure?

Like many people it seems, I spent January of this year eating vegan. As a committed meat, fish and dairy cook, this challenge was not just less difficult than I thought it would be but it revealed a huge diversity of textures, flavours and unexpected delights. It is also (not surprisingly perhaps) an incredibly cheap way of eating.

And while this class is not about veganism and it isn’t specifically for vegans either, it does perhaps have as a sub-text the idea that we should all be eating far less meat, fish & dairy products for all the well-known reasons.

We will be using a huge range of vegetables, pulses, grains, fruit, herbs, nuts and spices and drawing on a range of food cultures from around the world to create some 20 different dishes.
We will also look at the health issues benefits (and a few risks) – around eating vegan.

All classes include tastings throughout and lunch with a glass of wine (vegan of course). You will also be able to take something of home of what you have cooked. All recipes cooked by you or demonstrated will be sent on to you by email following the class.


Later Event: May 19
30 Minute Suppers